Staffordshire Wheel Works is a part of my engineering business, Ponderosa Engineering Ltd.

I started the company back in 1996 and have since been lucky enough to have plenty of work come my way to make the business a success.

Most of this work has been by recommendation or repeat business from the same customers which I believe has been down to providing a good standard of work and caring about the jobs I take on.


This is what I want to repeat with Staffordshire Wheel Works. I want you to be delighted with your wheels, be happy with how I have communicated with you and I want you to return to me when you need wheels building for your next restoration project, chopper, cafe racer or whatever and also for you to recommend me to your friends.


Without satisfied customers this business won't exist!


You'll find my pricing is similar to that of the major UK wheel builders. 

One difference  though is my lead time which is usually shorter. I can usually turn  a respoke  and stainless rims around in less than 2 weeks. A build with a new chrome rim can be several weeks longer as I'm in the hands of chrome platers for these. 


I dont rip people off. I usually try to offer some discount for returning customers. 


Shipping is something I can't do anything about. It's usually £25 to £30 per wheel via UPS. 



And finally, I believe that the customer is always right.

(Except when he's wrong and I'm right !!!)





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